Music Training (Ear training, theory exercises) music training is an free online ear training and music literature and theory training tool. It is designed to help music students, music teachers, and anyone who wants to learn music (based on the European music tradition).

Supported exersises:

Ear training (Exercises to train your musical perception)

Theory training (Exercises to train and expand your musical knowledge)

Myriad Music plug-in:

Some of the exercises in music training require, that Myriad Music plug-in is installed on your computer and works with your browser.

What is Myriad Music plug-in?

Myriad Mysic plug-in is a small and free program that displays, plays and transposes music scores on a web-page. Those scores are taken from a music file (like Finale or MusicXML) that is sent to your browser when you visit the web-page containing such a music score.

Why is Myriad Music plug-in needed for some music training exersises?

Some of the exersises in music trainig generate a music file (in MusicXML format) that has to be played to you, so that you can hear some music (like an interval, chord, dictation phrase etc) or display some music to you (like a scale or a music phrase). Modern browsers can display text or images from a web-page, but are yet unable to play audio, video or disply music scores. To accomplish this, they heed help from other programs. Those programs are called "plug-ins". For example, when you watch a video on, your browser calls a plug-in (called "Shockwave Flash") to help him. The same happens in MusTeacH. When you visit the page with an exersise that contains a music score, your browser can't read the score by itself, so it must call Myriad Music plug-in to help him read the file and play or display the score in the browser window.

How do I check if Myriad Music plug-in is installed on my computer?

See the page Myriad Music plug-in example.

Music Training Points:

Music training uses a system awarding points to users for every done exercsise. You must be a registered user of MusTeacH to be able to accumulate points in your account. If you don't have a user account, go to the registration page.

How does the point system work?

Every new user starts with a fixed amount of music traing points (100). After each exersise his/her music training points change based on correctness and time used. For more technical details about the point system see explanation of point system.

Istalled version of "Music Training": 0.3.24